12/22/2011 06:08 EST

Top Viral Stories Of 2011: HuffPost Canada's List

Some emerge out of nowhere. Some we just know will take off the moment we hit publish.

Our top viral and most-read stories reveal an interesting portrait of the year: some are serious, some fun, some sobering, all of them shareable.

There was the case of the lucky sportscaster whose colleagues called him up, live on the air, to tell him he had won a house lottery. There's the "Kissing Couple" whose famous embrace emerged in the hours after the Stanley Cup riots. Of course, Will and Kate made a huge splash on their summer tour of Canada.

Several inspirational stories, such as the separation of conjoined twins, made their mark on readers. The Olso massacre in the summer, an excerpt about convicted killer Russell Williams and the plight of a First Nations community on an Ontario reserve are some of the more sombre stories of the year.

Find out what was the top viral story of the year in the slideshow below.

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