12/23/2011 02:38 EST | Updated 02/22/2012 05:12 EST

High school scraps student ID policy

A north Toronto high school will no longer require its students to wear lanyards with identification cards.

Three years ago, Northern Secondary on Mount Pleasant Road made lanyards with ID cards mandatory as a security measure. The move came in the wake of the shooting death of C.W. Jefferys Collegiate student Jordan Manners, 15, who was shot in a school hallway in 2007.

CBC's Steven D'Souza was at Northern Secondary on Friday when the decision was announced at an assembly.

"There were cheers and hooting and hollering in the crowd," he reported.

School officials say the ID cards created animosity between students and teachers, particularly when students well known to teachers were asked to present their identification.

The school decided the ID cards weren’t worth all the student trips to the office to produce new ID cards when students arrived at school without them.

"The lanyards became a source of a lot of tension," said principal Ron Felsen. “Many of the teachers are quite happy that we're changing the policy.”

Student president Laura Charney is also happy to see the lanyards go.

"I think it added a sense of more regulation and rules to the school," she said. "We feel safe, there's a pretty good sense of community at this school. I don’t think it made the school safer."