12/23/2011 04:23 EST

Hostess Cookies: Recipes To Help You Say Thanks

Random House

Thanking the host or hostess who is kind enough to have you at their home for a holiday party or Christmas dinner is not as simple as task as it should be.

A bottle of wine is a lovely present, but does it scream thoughtfulness? Not at all. A gift basket delivered the day before will be appreciated -- but will likely be joining half a dozen others in the basement to be regifted for New Year's.

That's why this year, we're advocating for cookies as hostess gifts. Easy recipes give you few excuses -- and besides, what else are you really going to be doing with the day off on Christmas Eve?

A great addition to any table, these holiday-themed treats, courtesy of Random House's collection of cookbooks, will let your hostess know you put both time and thought into the present. Place them into a box, tie them up with a ribbon, and you're almost guaranteed an invite back next year.

Great Hostess Cookies