12/28/2011 05:10 EST | Updated 02/27/2012 05:12 EST

GTA Couple Target Of Racist Vandals

A Newmarket couple is planning to sell their house and move after repeated threats and racist vandalism.

The latest attack happened on Christmas Eve.

Rita Brown found an offensive word carved into the side of her car.

"We sit down and we just cry our hearts out," she said. "You know, why us? You know, we didn't do anything to anybody. You know, we didn't hurt anybody. You know, just because he's black and I'm white?"

Brown and her husband, Seun Oyinsan, moved into their home in August. The vandalism began almost immediately.

They found nails left behind their car tires. Nazi symbols and offensive words were spray-painted on the garage. There were also death threats warning that unless the couple moved "someone would be killed."

York Regional Police have been on the case for months, but so far they haven't been able to make an arrest.

"We need witnesses to come forward," said Const. Rebecca Boyd. "We need people to give us that information in order to follow tips and leads and conclude the investigation."

But the couple isn't waiting for an arrest. They've decided to sell their home and move on.

"I feel until they get us out, they're not going to leave us alone," said Brown.