12/28/2011 06:52 EST | Updated 12/29/2011 08:23 EST

Women In Canada: The Top Stories Of 2011 For Canadian Women


2011 was a year for women to not only change the forefront of representation in Canada, but also to demonstrate just what it is that makes us take action. Whether it's a stand against victim shaming, threats to public systems or singing our hearts out, the diversity the country is well represented through its female population.

On an international level, Canada was named the third best country for women by Newsweek, after Iceland and Sweden. Though we still rank poorly in equal representation in government, Canada proved to be a leader for justice, health and education for women -- giving us an overall score of 96.6.

Though it is impossible to highlight all of the achievements and struggles of women in 2011, The Huffington Post Canada took a look at some of the year's most important and influential stories, and their connection to the women who were so often the subject. From winning seats in elections to declaring a ban on a the niqab, 2011 has been a year of change, one that we expect to feel the effects from for years to come.

Top Moments For Women In Canada 2011

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