12/29/2011 10:46 EST | Updated 02/28/2012 05:12 EST

Canadian Robbed In Mexico: Two Police Officers Fired Over $22 HeistTwo Mexican Police Officers accused of robbing Canadian have been fired:Reports

ACAPULCO, Mexico - There are media reports in Mexico that two police officers accused of robbing a Canadian tourist in Acapulco have been fired.

The Mexican newspaper Universal quotes police director Miguel Ángel Hernández Albarrán as saying the tourist filed a complaint that he was robbed on Wednesday.

The amount of money involved was 300 pesos, which works out to about 22 Canadian dollars.

Hernández Albarran says the money was returned and the tourist has returned home -- it's not know where in Canada the person was from.

Universal also is reporting that six other public officials are under investigation for possible extortion.

Hernández Albarrán told the newspaper says members of the public are being urged to contact authorities if they are aware of any wrongdoing or have been victimized.

He says Mayor Manuel Añorve Baños has indicated he will not tolerate this kind of behaviour from any public official.