12/29/2011 07:50 EST | Updated 02/28/2012 05:12 EST

Floatplane Emergency Landing: Vancouver-Victoria Aircraft Lands Safely North Of Victoria, No Injuries

VICTORIA - A small floatplane lost power on a harbour-to-harbour flight from Vancouver to Victoria Thursday and was forced to make an emergency landing off an island north of Victoria.

No one was injured when the pilot glided the Harbour Air de Havilland single engine Otter to a landing in Ganges Harbour at Saltspring Island.

Airline Vice-President Randy Wright says the pilot reported an engine problem during the flight and was forced to divert to Saltspring.

There were 11 passengers on board along with the pilot.

Wright says the passengers paid compliments to the Victoria-based pilot, who he describes as a well-seasoned pilot with seven years experience with the company.

Wright says Harbour Air is investigating the cause of the problem and expects the Transportation Safety Board to become involved as well.