12/29/2011 03:11 EST | Updated 02/28/2012 05:12 EST

Couple Killed In Montreal Overpass Crash 'So In Love'

A Montreal couple killed after their truck flipped over a west-end overpass Wednesday are being remembered as kind souls who were rarely apart.

“They died together and I think that’s what God wanted because they were always together,” said Jocelyne Monti, a friend of the family.

“They complimented each other all the time and we’re going to miss them so much.”

Vicky and Luigino Parissi, both in their early 50s, were driving on Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue Boulevard in West Montreal Wednesday afternoon when they lost control of their truck.

The vehicle flipped onto the rails below and was struck by an oncoming Via Rail train.

'Pillar of the family'

The couple lived in the city’s LaSalle borough and had three children.

Monti said they were generous people and made a significant effort to care for their elderly parents and other family members.

“He was like the pillar of the family,” she said. “She was devoted to him. . . I feel so sorry for his family, his children.”

Monti’s husband Silvano recalled parties spent with the Parissis, where the two would dance together like there was no one else in the room.

“They were so in love,” he said.

Vicky never missed a dance, the friends said, and everyone was amazed by her energy. She would shrug it off, explaining that she just loved to dance.

Frank Mellozzi, a friend of Luigino’s, said they bowled together every week and he found out about the couple’s death at the lanes Wednesday night, where Luigino was supposed to meet them for their league match.

They put the pieces together after hearing the story on the news and talk that one of the victims had worked at the Rona store in the city’s Notre-Dame-de-Grace neighbourhood.

Mellozzi said the couple was inseparable and Luigino was a “beautiful” person.

“He was very friendly,” Mellozzi said, adding he had plans to spend New Year’s Eve with the Parissis

“She was a very nice, beautiful, friendly lady. . . It’s very, very hard, but life has to go on.”

Police are still investigating the cause of the crash. They’ve said the roads were slick at the time and investigators are looking into weather conditions and mechanical problems as possible reasons the truck skidded off the road.

Jocelyne Monti said friends are comforted by the fact that the couple were together at the time and, she believes, still are.

“It’s destiny, I do believe,” she said, holding back tears. “

They were a very close couple, and maybe that’s God’s will.”