12/29/2011 01:17 EST | Updated 02/28/2012 05:12 EST

Plans for nationwide program helping soldiers injured in Afghanistan

VANCOUVER - The Vancouver man who helped establish a centre in British Columbia for returning Afghan veterans and other first responders has an ambitious New Year's resolution.

Allan DeGenova (dee juh-NOVA') says the overwhelming success of Honour House in the Metro Vancouver suburb of New Westminster has encouraged him to build similar homes across Canada.

He says Canadian soldiers returning from Afghanistan may be battling physical and psychological challenges and must have a place for themselves and their families to rest as they get treatment.

DeGenova says development of Honour Houses is underway in Calgary and Edmonton, and a facility is also planned in Ottawa.

He says Chief of Defence Staff, Gen. Walt Natynczyk has requested an Honour House in every province, and DeGenova intends to do everything possible to make that a reality.

Honour House provides temporary accommodation for Canadian Forces members, first responders or their families receiving treatment in Vancouver and DeGenova says the New Westminster facility is full, with ten families staying there. (News1130)