01/01/2012 05:04 EST | Updated 03/02/2012 05:12 EST

Occupy Fredericton Camp Remains Despite Eviction Notice

AFP/Getty Images

An Occupy protest camp remains in front of Fredericton City Hall despite a Saturday eviction order.

A number of the protesters rang in the new year in Phoenix Square and many have been staying in front of city hall around the clock to raise awareness about social inequality.

The group has a boxy tent made of tarps and a wood frame, a structure the city says is in violation of several bylaws.

Protester Julian Renaud said that information was contained in a letter which was hand delivered by Fredericton Mayor Brad Woodside Saturday.

“He told us verbally that in three days we would be forcibly removed, but he didn't put that in writing,” Renaud said.

But protesters say they need the camp for protection from the elements and that the location they’ve chosen is essential because it is close to the local government and is a high traffic area.

Mayor Woodside said he has given up trying to negotiate with the group.

“It was very evident at last night's meeting with them that they have no intention of leaving the site,” Woodside said. “Two more people have now moved in and are calling it their home.”

Renaud said he hopes Occupy Fredericton can get a temporary injunction to stop the camp from being taken down on Tuesday. However, the group’s lawyer is out of town until Thursday.

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