Coolest Food Trends Coming Up In 2012

Guessing the direction in which any given industry is heading is an imperfect science, but one that never fails to draw us in with its predictions. As we enter into 2012, a year fraught with its own forecasts, we aren't quite at the meal-in-a-pill stage once prediction for food, but honestly? We're getting closer every day.

Giant global marketing firm JWT has released its analysis of what we can expect from the year ahead, and for food that means everything from a greater focus on eco-friendly practices to gatherings that go beyond street food love and into far more specialized fare. Of course, technology also plays a role in what we'll be putting in our mouths, or how we'll be even be acquiring food -- don't be surprised if you soon find yourself presented with an iPad, rather than a menu, at a more niche restaurant.

Read on to discover which trends we thought were the coolest to be established by JWT. Notice any cropping up around you? Be sure to let us know in the comments, or at @HuffPostCaLiv.

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