01/05/2012 02:51 EST | Updated 03/06/2012 05:12 EST

Organizers seek men with rhythm to make up shortfall for Olympic ceremonies

LONDON - Wanted: Men with rhythm.

Task: To perform for an audience of billions.

Organizers of the London Olympics are short on male candidates in the cast of 10,000 volunteers who will participate in the opening and closing ceremonies.

"This means those of you who can dance but also drum, or do any sport, job, or hobby that involves keeping to time. Sign up now for the opportunity of a lifetime," London's organizing committee said in a statement Thursday.

The deadline for applications is Monday.

"Previous performance experience is not required," the statement said.

It says performers need enthusiasm, personality and a positive attitude, among other traits.

Those who make the cut will take part in up to three, four-hour rehearsals a week starting in April and several all-day rehearsals in the three weeks leading up to each ceremony. The opening and closing ceremonies will be held in the 80,000-seat Olympic Stadium and televised to a global audience.

Oscar-winning film director Danny Boyle is in charge of the opening ceremony July 27. Creative director and choreographer Kim Gavin will conduct the closing event Aug. 12.