01/06/2012 01:48 EST | Updated 03/07/2012 05:12 EST

Canadian comedy writer fired over racial slur in blog post about Kanye West

TORONTO - A Canadian comedy writer is in hot water after using a racial slur in a blog post about hip-hop star Kanye West.

Montreal's Seth Abramovitch says he's been fired from Gawker Media, the company behind several popular blogs.

"I now realize you can never really justify using any version of the N-word, even in a joke," Abramovitch said by email.

Abramovitch wrote a post early Thursday about West's frantic messages on Twitter.

The messages included West's announcement that he is launching a new think-tank named DONDA, after his late mother.

In his post, Abramovitch joked DONDA was an acronym that included the slur.

He has since apologized online, noting the joke "has offended many people."

Abramovitch said in an email Friday he "felt terribly people took it as an ethnic slur directed at any African-American."

"I was just trying to quote something Kanye himself would say and really used poor judgment in doing so," he said.

An email to Gawker Media wasn't immediately returned.

A former writer's assistant for the hit comedy series Will and Grace, Abramovitch got into the blogging business several years ago as part of the two-man team behind the site Defamer.

The blog, which skewered Hollywood stars, agents and studios, became part of the Gawker family and eventually merged with the company's main site.