01/06/2012 03:02 EST | Updated 03/07/2012 05:12 EST

Dangerous sex offender returns to Vancouver

A notorious high-risk sex offender who began living at a half-way house in Vancouver this week will be under constant supervision by officials, Vancouver police say.

The force issued a public notice on Thursday saying convicted child molester Shaun Joshua Deacon, 46, was residing in the community.

Deacon is a repeat child sex offender, with convictions for sexual assault, assault with use of force and failing to comply with a probation order, police said.

The Correctional Service of Canada has assessed Deacon as a high risk to re-offend sexually, and police say he poses a risk of significant harm to the safety of boys under the age of 16.

Deacon must meet several conditions while living in Vancouver, including avoiding contact with any child under the age of 16.

On Friday police told CBC News Deacon will also be under full supervision at his half-way house and will be escorted every time he goes out. He will also be required to report to the VPD High Risk Offender Unit every week.

Ordered 'chemically castrated'

According to media reports, when Deacon was released in 2004 he was ordered to take drugs to control his sexual fantasies by the parole board. He then challenged the constitutionality of the order in the Federal Court of Appeal but lost, according to the Vancouver Sun.

Deacon was also once tracked 24 hours a day by a Kelowna halfway house following his release into the community in 2006, according to Bob Enns, the executive director of the Okanagan Halfway House Society.

In 2006 the Kelowna halfway house took the extremely rare step of contracting somebody to follow and monitor Deacon every time he left the building, at a cost of $90,000 a year.

"We had a requirement that the staff member could never be more than 25 feet from him, and the staff member was with him at all times, we just felt that that was the best way we could demonstrate safety for our community"

Enns it was the first time such measure had been taken before in Kelowna.

First convicted in 1980s

Deacon was first sentenced to seven years In the 1980s for assaulting four young children. While awaiting sentencing in Kelowna in that case, he abducted a previous victim and assaulted the child again. He re-offended and was jailed twice more in the 1990s.

He was declared a long-term offender in 1998 after an offence involving an 11-year-old boy, while on probation after serving two years for sexual interference with another child, according to the Vancouver Sun.

Then in 2002, he was caught with a 10-year-old boy while living in a halfway house and was sent back to prison for two more years.

He was later released to the halfway house in Kelowna, but was returned to prison five times during the 20 months he was at the facility, before he was transferred to Vancouver.

Deacon is described as 46 years old, white, 5’11” tall, 190 lbs., with brown hair and hazel eyes. He has one-inch scars on his left palm and his right bicep.