01/06/2012 11:20 EST | Updated 03/07/2012 05:12 EST

Oscar Bartholomew Killed: Grenada Police Officers Charged With Canadian's Death Get Bail


Five Grenadian police officers charged with manslaughter in the death of a Toronto man have been granted bail, but they will have to comply with several conditions set by a judge.

The officers applied for bail in the island town of St. David's, where it's alleged they beat Oscar Bartholomew into a coma on Boxing Day. He died the following day in hospital.

A judge on Friday ordered the accused to surrender their passports, report daily to authorities and avoid visiting the police station where they worked.

They will also be required to hand over documents related to their properties.

None of the officers had posted the $37,000 US bond as of late Friday morning.

Bartholomew, who was from Grenada but had permanent resident status in Canada, was visiting relatives in the Caribbean country over the Christmas holidays. He and his Canadian wife had arrived in Grenada on Dec. 23.

Relatives say he had stopped at the police station in St. David's on Dec. 26 because his wife needed to use the restroom. They say he hugged a plainclothes policewoman whom he had mistaken for a friend and lifted her off the ground before realizing his error.

Bartholomew's family said an independent autopsy found he died of trauma to the head and multiple injuries to the body. A state autopsy report came to similar but less-detailed conclusions.

The case has caused outrage and protests in Grenada. Since the manslaughter charges were announced, demonstrators have taken to the streets of the island nation to denounce what they say is endemic police brutality.

During the Friday bail hearing, about 100 people gathered outside of the courthouse chanting slogans. Some people were in tears, and one man lay on the ground in front of a vehicle in protest. A heavy police presence was reported at the courthouse.

Earlier in the week, a lawyer for the dead man's family said he would be suing the police force employing the officers who are charged in the case for wrongful death.

Derick Sylvester said he would be seeking damages for Bartholomew's widow and his three children.