01/10/2012 11:38 EST | Updated 03/11/2012 05:12 EDT

Birders setting safety aside to catch rare glimpse of Great Grey Owl, police say

KINGSVILLE, Ont. - Birdwatchers flocking to southwestern Ontario to view a great grey owl are causing provincial police some concerns.

Police say the presence of the owl in the Kingsville area near Lake Erie has drawn attention from all over the country and the United States.

Police say some of the birdwatchers aren't parking their vehicles in safe and lawful locations.

And Sgt. Rick Tonial says some aren't positioning themselves and their viewing equipment in safe locations.

Tonial says police have received numerous reports of dangerous conditions created by some of the birdwatchers.

The Ministry of Natural Resources says the owl, rarely seen in southwestern Ontario, has been living in Essex County since before Christmas.

Ministry officials are advising people to stay 30 to 40 metres away from the owls and any other raptors to avoid putting stress on the birds.