01/10/2012 07:15 EST | Updated 03/11/2012 05:12 EDT

Crimestoppers launches new awareness campaign

Toronto police unveiled a new ad campaign on Tuesday, aimed at getting more people to use its anonymous tip line, Crimestoppers.

It's a campaign for TV, radio, print and online.

Todd Mackie, the creative director of the campaign, says the ads - titled 'You stay anonymous, criminals don't' - are aimed at getting the public to help police.

"Whether it's the print, TV or the radio, we sort of put the power in the public's hands," said Mackie. "For the print, you see criminals trying to disguise their faces, but because of the power of a tip from the public you could see that they would be exposed."

Police say Crimestoppers doesn't need fixing, but they hope the new campaign will take some of the fear out of talking to investigators.

"That is the key to success - it is completely anonymous," said Det. Debbie Ross, the Toronto co-ordinator for Crimestoppers. "We don't have call display. We don't ask addresses. We don't ask telephone numbers. There's absolutely no identifying information."

The anonymous tip line continues to be an invaluable investigative tool, police say. It generates about 10,000 tips for Toronto police each year.