01/10/2012 11:28 EST | Updated 03/11/2012 05:12 EDT

Mule deer warned; Penticton has talked the talk, now it stalks the stalk

PENTICTON, B.C. - A deer cull has been approved in Penticton, B.C.

Mayor Dan Ashton says councillors in the southern Okanagan city will follow the lead of communities such as Cranbrook and Kimberley and target aggressive and habituated mule deer.

A date for the cull has not been confirmed and the number of deer to be taken is not yet set.

This is the second time Penticton has approved measures to get rid of deer that munch through area gardens or lash out with their hooves at passing dog or humans.

A planned cull was postponed in December as newly elected councillors gathered details about traps supplied by the ministry and use of the meat — which will be donated to Salvation Army kitchens.

Ashton also says Penticton will pass bylaws forbidding the feeding of deer, in hopes of making the city a less attractive destination for the creatures. (CIGV)