02/01/2012 12:26 EST | Updated 02/01/2012 12:26 EST

Hipster Glasses Won't Make You Look Smart: Minute 16

By definition, trends are fleeting. They're ephemeral. And each day we see our fair share of looks we'd like to remove from our sartorial lexicon. So join us, each week, as we analyze a trend that's had its 15 minutes of fame. These looks are well into their Minute 16, folks. It's time to usher them toward stage left.

The Trend: Remember the days when you were ridiculed for wearing glasses? We're pretty sure Steve Urkel does. Four eyes, dweeb, poindexter -- any of these names sound familiar to you? Today, it's considered the epitome of "cool" to be spotted wearing a pair of dark, thick-rimmed frames. Prescription or not, "hipster" glasses are spotted on anyone, come in every colour of the rainbow and are a fairly cheap accessory to add a little something to your outfit. But let's face it, unless you actually need them to help your vision, ditch the frames -- they're not making you look any smarter.

Chief Offenders: Keeping an eye on Hollywood's leading stars, we've seen Justin Bieber, Snooki and Kim Kardashian channel their inner hipster with a pair of these. Maybe the latter two were trying to fool us into thinking they're actually smart...didn't work.

What's Wrong With It: If you've ever needed prescription glasses, you know that the style of the frame is one of the most important factors when choosing the winning pair. Thick-rimmed and over-sized doesn't work for everyone. In fact, it doesn't work for many face shapes. Plus, they make you look like you're still wearing the glasses from that 3D flick you saw last night..

May We Suggest: Unless you can't see past two feet in front of you, just ditch 'em. Embrace your perfect 20/20 vision and stop hiding those baby blues behind an unflattering, try-hard pair of frames.

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