01/11/2012 11:25 EST

Newfoundland Slang: Allan Hawco Teaches Stroumboulopoulos How To Talk Like A Newfoundlander (VIDEO)

Republic of Doyle’s Allan Hawco stopped by George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight earlier this week to promote the CBC series’ third season. But the best part of the interview was when he attempted to teach host George Stroumboulopoulos a couple of slang terms from Newfoundland.

The Gemini-nominated actor -- who hails from the province -- started simple with his personal favourite: whaddya at.

“Meaning where I’ve been?” Stroumboulopoulos asked the actor.

He was wrong. According to the Doyle star, ‘whaddya at’ means “what are you doing” and the correct answer is always: “This is it.”

“It’s a common phrase. I don’t care what anyone says, I use it all the time,” Hawco said.

He also taught Stroumboulopoulos a number of other slang terms that the host struggled with because of his “small, big city brain.”

The Urban Dictionary has some other examples of Newfoundland slang, including Yes b’y, used to indicate agreement and surprise.

Judging by the number of hits (the video has already received more than 55,000 views on Youtube since it was posted on Jan. 9), and the overall positive comments, most viewers aren’t taking offense to the impromptu lesson.

Republic of Doyle’s new season premieres tonight at 9 p.m. on CBC with a guest appearance from Oscar-winner Russell Crowe.