01/12/2012 04:47 EST | Updated 03/13/2012 05:12 EDT

Dan Savage Angry At Canada's Gay Marriage Flip-Flop

Outspoken sex columnist and gay rights activist Dan Savage has added his voice to the growing chorus of outrage over the Canadian government's apparent reversal on same-sex marriage.

The Globe and Mail reported on Thursday morning that same-sex couples from outside of Canada may actually have their marriages annulled if they came from countries where same sex marriage is not legally recognized.

Savage, who married his boyfriend in Vancouver in 2005, did not take this news quietly and slams the government for re-opening an issue that many in Canada thought was already dealt with.

"The debate over same-sex marriage and the civil equality of gays and lesbians has been returned to the frontpages of Canada's newspapers and a renewed debate over same-sex marriage will dominate Canadian television and radio news programs. And Canada's religious conservatives will doubtless complain -- loud and long -- about their precious children having to hear about homosexuality every time they turn on the news. Stephen Harper's government reopened this issue, not the gays, and Stephen Harper's government deserves the blame," Savage wrote on his blog for the Seattle alt-weekly The Stranger.

The Harper government has been trying to defuse the explosive situation. With the Prime Minister insisting on Thursday morning that the Conservative government had "no intention further of opening or reopening this issue."

Later on Thursday, Rob Nicholson, Canada's Justice Minister, also said that Ottawa would work to clarify Canada's laws around same-sex marriage.

"I will be looking at options to clarify the law so that marriages performed in Canada can be undone in Canada," Nicholson said to the Globe and Mail.

The Seattle-based sex columnist tempered his words in an interview with the Globe and Mail.

"Hopefully this is just one rogue lawyer or two and not policy of Canada's Conservative government. If it is Canada's Conservative government then the issue has definitely been re-opened," Savage said to the Toronto newspaper.

Savage is known for creating the extremely popular series of It Gets Better videos, where ordinary people and celebrities record messages of support for bullied teens.

But Prime Minister Stephen Harper may also want to take note that Savage also helped create an internet campaign that made Rick Santorum's name synonymous with byproducts of anal sex.

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