01/12/2012 01:01 EST | Updated 01/12/2012 01:04 EST

Etiquette Tips For Stars: What Not To Do At The Golden Globes


Maintaining day-to-day poise can be tough enough for us commoners -- imagine if your every move was publicly picked apart and scrutinized. Such is the life of celebs.

And come Sunday -- when the 69th annual Golden Globe Awards go to air -- the star-watching and nit-picking will be, well, outstanding.

Which got us to thinking about those celebs who are new to the awards season game. How can they keep their cool in the midst of a wardrobe malfunction? How can they fake their way through graciously accepting defeat? What should they not do?

We checked in with our favourite etiquette expert, Karen Cleveland of the Finishing School -- a national column devoted to etiquette, manners and civility, for some advice on how celebs "should" behave during the ceremony.

Play Nice. "No gum-chewing, no stepping on dresses and no swearing. I am all for a judiciously-placed cuss, but I wanted to personally wash Melissa Leo’s mouth out with soap after the last Academy Awards."

What To Wear. "Interesting, gorgeous gowns as opposed to shock-value underwear masquerading as evening wear."

For The Boys. "[I want to see] a parade of perfectly cut suits on perfectly cut gentlemen."

When On The Podium. "[Give] polished, thoughtful acceptance speeches and be eloquent with red-carpet commentators."

Never... Pull a "stage crashing a la Kanye or an acceptance-speech hijacking as Elinor Burkett did during Roger Ross Williams’ Oscar speech."

A Word To Those Nominated, But Not Bringing Home An Award. "The camera may very well be on your reaction . Remember when Faith Hill was caught mouthing “WHAT?” when Carrie Underwood took the win at the Country Music Association Awards? I don’t either because I didn’t watch the CMAA’s, but I read all about it and was disappointed in Faith’s reaction. Like the old adage "the best mark of good manners is tolerating bad ones," the true mark of grace is celebrating a peer winning something you desperately wanted to win yourself. A sincere smile and polite applause surely can’t be that hard to muster when you act for a living, right?"

If you're looking for some sartorially smart red carpet style advice from the stars, check out the below video.