01/15/2012 02:40 EST | Updated 03/16/2012 05:12 EDT

Verchères murder suspect to be charged

The man who police say killed his neighbour and stabbed two other people at the town hall in Verchères, Que., is expected to be charged on Monday.

The 70-year-old suspect will appear in court to face two charges of attempted murder. He could also be charged with murder after a psychiatric evaluation is completed.

Richelieu Saint-Laurent police said a the man killed his 80-year-old neighbour, Ronald Malo.

The suspect then attacked the town's general manager and his assistant on Friday, in an apparent conflict over land rights that has lasted more than a decade.

The suspect is in hospital under police surveillance. He will be transferred to the Philippe Pinel Institute in Montreal for a complete psychiatric evaluation.

Police said the man had threatened his neighbours in recent years, and he and his neighbour had faced each other in civil and criminal courts.

In both cases, the court ordered the suspect to stay away from his neighbour, but the suspect was never incarcerated.

Malo's daughter, Isabelle, said the suspect had been making death threats towards her father for more than a year.

"Court orders mean nothing here. If he wants to come kill you, he will; court orders won't stop him," she said.