01/17/2012 08:31 EST | Updated 03/18/2012 05:12 EDT

Child Called 'Evil' By Grandmother, Witness Says

A family member who visited the home of the grandparents of a child who was allegedly neglected, says he confronted the grandmother about the disturbing living conditions he saw, and was told the three-year-old was "evil," according to testimony heard at the trial Tuesday.

Two Fort Qu'Appelle-area grandparents are accused of neglecting their granddaughter.

On Tuesday, the court heard from a family member who testified he found the girl locked inside a windowless room in the grandparents' home.

He said the child was kept in the dark on a small blanket on a cement floor.

The witness testified the grandmother told him, "The little girl was evil," when he confronted the grandmother about the situation. He told the court the grandmother told him the girl "Peed herself and pooped herself around men."

A publication ban in the case prevents reporting any details that could identify the child.

Another family member, also testifying Tuesday, said she saw the child's grandfather treat the girl in a very rough manner.

The man had noticed the child was not where he wanted her to be and grabbed her by the arm, leading her to a room.

The woman said the man then violently put the child in the room, saying, "Get in there you little bitch."

"And he threw her in there," the witness testified. "She looked so small getting thrown into that room. It looked like she wasn't allowed out of that room. I panicked and I ran."

The girl, who is now seven years old, was born in British Columbia where she was living with her mother. However, she was put in a foster home in early 2007 after it was discovered her mother was a drug addict.

A social worker from B.C. told the court on Monday that the girl was a smart and happy child during her time in foster care.

Court heard that the grandparents gained custody of the child later in 2007 and brought her to the Saskatchewan First Nation where they were living. The child was removed from the home in July 2008, after her health had deteriorated.

A doctor who testified Monday said when she saw the child, she observed indications of malnutrition, including thin limbs, prominent bones and hair growth on the girl's chest and back.

The doctor also noticed bruising on the child and a number of new and old scars, especially around the head.

The girl was covered in mosquito bites.

On Tuesday, police investigators who saw the child in 2008 when they assisted in apprehending her, and again two years later, said she appeared to be in much better health in 2010.