01/17/2012 04:02 EST | Updated 01/18/2012 12:18 EST

Justin Trudeau: Boxing Match Coming Between Liberal MP And Tory Senator Patrick Brazeau


Justin Trudeau is taking his fighting spirit from the House of Commons into the boxing ring.

Trudeau will be boxing against Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau to raise money for cancer research, according to the Hill Times.

Brazeau holds a second-degree black belt in karate and told the Toronto Star he would jump at the chance to beat on Trudeau in public.

Trudeau also challenged Defence Minister Peter Mackay and Tory MP Rob Anders to fight, but neither could find the time to train for the charity bout.

The two politicians have been training for the three round fight since November.

The fundraiser is being organized by Ottawa's Final Round Boxing Club and tickets will be $250. It will take place at the Hampton Inn Convention Centre on March 31.

On the weekend, Trudeau shaved his moustache at the Liberal convention to raise money for the Judy LaMarsh Fund, which helps female Liberal candidates.

Back in November 2011, Trudeau did an on-stage striptease to entice bids for a date with him from the ladies at the What A Girl Wants Gala. The money went to the Canadian Liver Foundation.

Justin is actually following in his father's footsteps by taking up boxing. Pierre Trudeau's childhood boxing gloves were auctioned for charity in January of last year at the Walrus Foundation Gala.

After the big fight, Justin's gloves may be worth something too.

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