01/17/2012 10:01 EST | Updated 01/17/2012 10:01 EST

Wedding Trends For 2012 From Catherine Lash


If you're engaged and planning a wedding for 2012, you're probably well on your way to finalizing all of your big day preparations -- what colour flowers you want, what your guests will nibble on post-party and, of course, where you'll actually have it.

But if you're still looking for a few cool ideas (or if you're looking forward to a 2013 bridal bash), take a page from Catherine Lash's style playbook. As one of Canada's preeminent wedding planners -- and founder of The Wedding Co. -- she knows a thing or two about making a big day special.

Here are some of the things she's predicting will be big for 2012.

Splash Of Colour: "Gowns are still prominently white, but brides are adding a splash of their favourite colour with a beautiful sash, a vibrant pair of shoes or a stunning necklace with soft-coloured gems."

The Communal Table: "Long gone are the round tables with tall centrepieces. Couples are seating their guests at long communal tables with stunning low-riding flowers running down the centre. This allows the guests to see the person across from them and engage in great conversation without an obstructed view."

Venues: "Couples are seeking out unique venues that have relevance to them: a local hotel, a favourite restaurant or a historic landmark."

Cakes And Sweets: "The cake no longer stands on its own; instead, it's now the centrepiece of the sweet table full of gourmet candy and comfort food, milk, cookies and our personal favourite -- pie pops."

The Gown: "We will see more lace and sleeves thanks to the Duchess Of Cambridge."

She adds 2012 will be different than previous years in terms of wedding trends and style because:

-- Vintage and DIY will start to fade and couples will start to refine the décor elements at their wedding and not over do it.

-- Couples will focus more on hosting a fantastic party including surprise entertainment such as go-go dancers and hiring their favourite band to play.

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