How To Avoid Catching A Cold: Tips To Ensure A Healthy Winter Season (VIDEO)

Germs: they're everywhere.

We usually come across these critters when we fill up gas at the pump, use an ATM or touch any type of knob or handle.

On this week's how-to, Howdini's segment on "How To Avoid Germs" delves into the myths surrounding being contagious and how we really catch colds.

In the video, ear, nose and sinus expert Dr. Jordan Josephson talks about how to avoid spreading germs in the workplace if you're travelling or dealing with sick kids at home.

Can we get sick after flying in an airplane? Can we catch the flu by kissing someone who's infected? These are the types of questions Dr. Josephson gets to the bottom of.

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And if you want to be extra careful, here are some ways to prevent succumbing to illness during cold and flu season.

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