01/18/2012 07:15 EST | Updated 03/19/2012 05:12 EDT

Borrow a stripper, bus driver, or refugee at Ottawa 'human library' event

OTTAWA - The Ottawa Public Library will be lending out a stripper, a sex worker and a bus driver later this month.

It's part of the "human library" event being held in partnership with the Canadian War Museum on Jan. 28.

The library says human libraries provide an exciting opportunity for the public to connect one-on-one with individuals who have diverse life experiences, stories and knowledge.

The event will allow people to check out any one of 60 different human books for a 20 minute conversation.

The list of human books also includes an urban aboriginal, a person with bipolar disorder, a firefighter, a radio host, a Somali refugee, a judge and a pediatric neurosurgeon.

The human library will be held at five libraries and the Canadian War Museum.