01/20/2012 08:37 EST | Updated 03/21/2012 05:12 EDT

Flag from War of 1812 ship HMS General Hunter loaned to Southampton, Ont., museum

SOUTHHAMPTON, Ont. - The battle flag of HMS General Hunter will fly once again in Southampton, Ont., as part of an exhibit for the War of 1812 naval brig.

The Bruce County Museum and Cultural Centre on Lake Huron has unveiled the flag as part of their HMS General Hunter War of 1812 Exhibit, scheduled to open June 18.

The 200-year-old Royal Ensign flew on the Hunter when the ship was captured by U.S. Navy forces at the Battle of Lake Erie on Sept. 10, 1813.

The flag design features a faded red background with a Union Jack in the upper left corner. About 100 years ago a protective mesh layer was sewn onto it.

Project co-ordinator Ken Cassavoy says the flag is on loan from the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md. The museum will keep the flag for a year, but Cassavoy says that can be extended.

The wreck of the General Hunter lies just off the Southampton shoreline, where it sank in 1816.

Cassavoy says staff at the Museum are working on a scaled down replica of the General Hunter deck, complete with cannon, masts and sails.