01/21/2012 01:24 EST | Updated 03/22/2012 05:12 EDT

Delta Widow's Precious Stolen Urn Returned


A Delta, B.C., widow will soon be celebrating the return of a stolen urn containing her husband's remains.

The puck-shaped silver container holding the ashes of Laurence Lalonde was taken — among other items — during a Christmas Eve break-in at the home of Carol Lalonde.

Lalonde and her daughter returned to her Delta home Dec. 24 to find the door had been forced and the flatscreen TV, computer and some jewelry gone.

But the most heartbreaking loss was a small silver urn containing the cremated remains of Lalonde's husband, who died 15 months ago.

“They probably thought it was big chunk of silver, but they'll get a big surprise when they open it up,” Lalonde said after the break-in.

Laurence Lalonde was an avid skater and hockey player all his life, hence the puck-shaped urns.

“It's such a personal thing that nobody else could appreciate it,” she told CBC News Friday. “I did have hopes that that would come back to me.”

Lalonde made a public plea for its return and now almost a month later, it's showed up.

The small urn was anonymously dropped at the back door of a local Salvation Army store.

RCMP, who have made no arrests in the case, need to do more forensic testing on the urn, but say it will be delivered back into the hands of Lalonde Monday.

“The main thing is that Laurence is back home where he should be and I thank them for having a conscience to give me back that,” she said.

Lalonde said she plans to have a toast with her three daughters, who each have a matching urn.