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National Compliment Day: How To Give And Receive Compliments (VIDEO)

Negative Nellies beware: today is National Compliment Day.

On this week's How To, Videojug's Jon Foster and James Lamont give us four simple steps on becoming a master at complimenting others. It sounds like the kind of thing you might learn in kindergarten, but think about it -- when was the last time you heard a truly thoughtful compliment?

Without giving everything away, the video explores how a sincere compliment will always come across as genuine, rather than as a complete suck up. Better yet, they also show us how to not become a passive aggressive jerk nobody wants to be around.

Giving and receiving compliments can improve communication skills at the office, spark some fire in a lagging relationship or even make a stranger's day. Huffington Post blogger Lisa Bloom has a three-step system on how to take a compliment (so beginners, this is where you can start).

Being kind is one thing, but the video also shows us how to react to compliments, keeping in mind proper etiquette.

Have you received any compliments today? Let us know on Twitter at @HuffPostCaLiv or in the comments below.

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