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Walk Off The Earth Video: Band Performs Gotye's 'Somebody That I Used To Know' On 'Ellen'

Ever since Walk Off The Earth posted a hands-on cover of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know,” the band from Burlington, Ont., has received tons of attention – more than 35 million views on YouTube to be exact.

The group also picked up some famous fans along the way. Oscar winner Russell Crowe helped the band get the ball rolling by tweeting his support: "Check out Walk Off the Earth's cover of Somebody I used to know. Brilliant."

The band even got an approving nod from Gotye, the Australian singer who originally recorded the song. He tweeted: "I know who to ask for help with acoustic versions of Somebody: Walk Off The Earth. Hilarious and brilliant."

Ellen DeGeneres is the Canadian indie group's latest celebrity fan. Last week, Walk Off The Earth said the band members were heading to The Ellen Show: We're off to give Ellen a high five! Maybe play a song for her,” the band wrote on Facebook.

They kept their promise; All five members from the original video showed up to perform the insanely popular cover – which features the band performing the song using a single guitar. Check out the original video below.

The talk show host even gave the band a post-performance gift, "You won't have to use one guitar anymore because we're going to give all of you Fender guitar and amps," Ellen said to the band after their performance.

While their appearance on Ellen went off without a hitch that hasn't always been the case with the band's other videos. "There have been so many misadventures," singer Sarah Blackwood told Spinner in an interview. "I've been hit in the face with a ukulele. We've broken things, we've thrown them up and not had our catchers there and they've been destroyed on the floor, all of that stuff has happened. There's always mishaps and things that break, but eventually in the end I think we've always gotten it."

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