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Lego Man In Space: Mathew Ho And Asad Muhammad, Ontario Teens, Send Toy Figure Into Atmosphere (VIDEO)

Most high school students only launch things into space in video games, but two Toronto teens were able to send an object out to the edge of Earth’s atmosphere – in real life.

What did they launch? A Lego man bearing a Canadian flag.

“We didn’t really believe we could do it until we did,” Mathew Ho, one half of the talented duo, told the Toronto Star.

The newspaper reports that Ho and Asad Muhammad launched a balloon carrying a Lego man and cameras and then waited more than 90 minutes for it to fall down.

The wait was worth it — the footage from the Lego man’s impressive journey turned out and the two teens posted it to YouTube.

According to CityNews, the project cost the teens – who are Grade 12 students at Toronto’s Agincourt Collegiate Institute – approximately $400.

The two friends estimate the unit climbed to approximately 80,000 feet before the balloon popped.

“It shows a tremendous degree of resourcefulness,” Dr. Michael Reid, a University of Toronto astrophysics professor, told the Star. “For two 17 year olds to accomplish this on their own is pretty impressive.”

Ho told the Star he was driven to start the project after seeing a video of MIT students launching a digital camera into near-space.

Ho hopes to pursue a commerce degree in Canada and Muhammad is looking at a number of engineering programs, according to CTV.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story suggested the balloon left earth's atmosphere. It did not. This version has been updated.

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