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Sheila Nabb Video: Mexico Authorities Say Footage Shows Man Attacking Canadian


UPDATE: CTV News is reporting that Mexican authorities have a video showing a male in his 20s attacking Nabb. They currently have no suspects.

Sheila Nabb, the Calgary woman who survived a vicious beating in Mazatlan, Mexico, will have to wait for reconstructive surgery.

Doctors at the Mexican hospital where she is recovering say that she has contracted pneumonia, CTV News reports. The condition is not uncommon for those in Nabb's condition the news outlet reports.

Nabb also received a visit from the Governor Of Sinaloa province, who said that they were investigating the attack.

"There is a full investigation taking place under the direction of the State Attorney General's Office.

The State of Sinaloa Government is collaborating with Canadian authorities in keeping them informed of all advances in the investigation," officials said in a statement released on Wednesday.

Officials also said that police would be reviewing videotape from the hotel, media reports indicate.

The Calgary Herald is reporting that Mexican authorities questioned Sheila's husband Andrew but released him.

"Anyone who has ever met Andrew will immediately disregard any and all accusations against him. They are the most loving couple that I know and anyone that knows them would agree," said Paul Giles, Andrew's brother.

Giles also told the Herald that the Mexican authorities may be biased in their investigation because the case has brought negative attention to Mazatlan, one of Mexico's popular tourist destinations.

Meanwhile, CBC is reporting that the luxury hotel where Nabb was staying was the site of another similar attack last year.

Scott Giddy, who also stayed at Mazatlan's Hotel Riu Emerald Bay, vowed that he would never return to Mexico after he nearly died from a beating last year.

"Knowing that something has happened again at that hotel and now that she's at the same hospital where Scott was treated. My heart goes out to her and her family. It's just absolutely horrible," Giddy's wife Sarah told CBC.

Locals and Canadian tourists familiar with the hotel defended Mazatlan and the Hotel Riu Emerald Bay on the Mazatlan Messenger, an English-language website based in Mexico.

"I have been to this hotel 2 times and to Mazatlan several times and have never had any problems," a reader named Celia posted on that site.

"My partner and I returned home a few days ago from the RIU Emerald Bay. It was one of the best vacations we have had," a second poster named Jenn added.

The attack on Nabb is the third serious incident involving a Canadian in Mexico in 2012.

CTV is reporting that Mexican officials say the beating was videotaped and will have an announcement soon.


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