01/26/2012 06:53 EST | Updated 03/27/2012 05:12 EDT

Ottawa Humane Society: Cat In Dumpster The Work Of 'Horrific' Abuser

The hunt is on for an animal abuser after a particularly gruesome find in an Ottawa dumpster.

Last Friday, a passer-by came upon a dead Calico cat in a garbage bin near a Morisset Ave. apartment building in the nation's capital. Its legs had been bound with electrical cord. Subsequent tests revealed the five-year-old animal had suffered a lacerated spleen and internal bleeding — as a result of being beaten to death.

“There were organs that were split in half, indicating it was beaten with some sort of stick or something like that,” Miriam Smith of the Ottawa Humane Society told the Ottawa Sun.

"It appears that it would have been hung by its back legs, and beaten to death.”

The OHS is currently trying to trace the owner of the cat, which appears to have been cared for at some point in time — although the absence of identifiable markers makes it a challenge.

Officials say this may be one of the most disturbing animal torture cases that has ever come to light. In fact, cruelty on this magnitude, Smith said, would likely warrant a criminal charges and as many as five years in jail.

There are currently no leads in this case.

“I think the public should be appalled that this has happened,” the humane society's Mandy Chepeka told the Ottawa Citizen.

“We’ve checked the OHS Lost records and there are no reports of a lost cat matching its description, so we’re looking for any information that will lead us to the owner of the deceased cat as well as whoever is responsible for this horrific abuse,” Miriam Smith added in an OHS press release.

The OHS is urging anyone with information about this case of 'horrific abuse' to call 613-725-3166.

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