01/26/2012 09:09 EST | Updated 03/27/2012 05:12 EDT

Mexican Police Seek Man In Canadian's Beating

A surveillance video taken at the Mexican resort where a Calgary woman was badly beaten has become a key part of the investigation, authorities say.

Sheila Nabb, 37, was found unconscious over the weekend with extensive facial injuries in an elevator at a five-star resort in Mazatlan, where she was staying with her husband.

Nabb, who grew up in Nova Scotia but now lives in Calgary, remains in hospital in Mazatlan.

During a Wednesday press conference, Marco Antonio Higuera Gomez, the attorney-general of justice for the state of Sinaloa, said the video shows a man leaving the elevator where Nabb was found.

Higuera said the man on the video can be seen making a kicking motion inside the elevator. He said the man appeared to be about 25 years old, and wore shorts and a dark hoodie.

Higuera said the man was likely a guest at the hotel, because staff at the resort wear uniforms.

He said police have spoken with the beaten woman's husband, Andrew Nabb, and showed him the video. Police said he told them he did not recognize the man in the video.

Andrew Nabb does not appear on the surveillance video, Higuera said, adding that he only found out about the beating of his wife after it had happened.

Police said they are now waiting to speak with the victim, whose facial reconstruction surgery was delayed because she is suffering from pneumonia.

Higuera said authorities have reviewed the registries of each guest at the resort and have spoken to some of them, including a Canadian citizen, who was interviewed because a witness said he had spent time with the victim and her husband. The attorney-general said the Canadian man had lesions on the side of his knuckle and an area of his chin.

No arrests have been made in the case.

A spokesman for the state of Sinaloa told CBC News that under Mexican law, the security camera tape cannot be released to the public.

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