01/31/2012 05:51 EST | Updated 03/30/2012 01:04 EDT

Celebrity Hairstyles: Top Hair Transformations Of All Time

In the land of Hollywood, it's easy to spot celebs who have reinvented themselves -- one minute they look one way and the next, seemingly overnight, they're a different person entirely. The transformation is done, obviously, in an effort to stay relevant and on-trend (which is a must in Hollywood).

And one of the simplest ways A-listers seem to go about altering their look is by changing up their hairstyle. Just think of what a simple chop did for Jennifer Aniston (pre-Rachel cut, no one knew her name; post, she married Brad Pitt).

Which is why we're paying ode to the celebs who take drastic steps to ensure their hairstyle has kept (and will continue to keep) them in the public eye.

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