01/27/2012 02:20 EST | Updated 01/27/2012 02:22 EST

Shit Canadians Say, Eh? The Latest Edition To The Popular Meme (VIDEO)

It was only a matter of time before the phenomenon that’s been taking YouTube by storm got a Canadian version: “Sh*t Canadians Say, Eh?” is the latest entry to the “Sh*t People Say” meme.

Some bon mots from the new edtion:

“Have you seen my toque?”

"I got snowed in last week real bad.”

The video, uploaded on Jan. 24, features a young man living up to all the good Canadian stereotypes (see him scream at a TV during a hockey game; watch him pour maple syrup on virtually everything).

The video had been viewed more than 190,000 times as of Friday, nabbing 3,000 'likes' and tons of comments.

“Canadians. The only people who get made fun of for being polite and caring,” one viewer wrote.

“As a Canadian, I find this hilarious,” another user commented.

But some have been quick to point out corrections. One viewer wrote: “Not Canadian at all. Canadians would know that Timbits don't come in dozens.”

Other Canadian videos have become popular with viewers this month, including “Sh*t Ryerson Says” and "Sh*t UBC Says" (poking fun at the Canadian universities). Similarly, "Shit Toronto People Say" was uploaded last week and got a lot of attention after Drake tweeted about it.

The Canadian rapper is the subject of his very own "Sh*t People Say" video, which was uploaded on Monday. It's already racked up more than 3.3 million views.

Canada isn't the only target of "Sh*t People Say" videos. Just a few days ago, a user posted one called "Sh*t Americans Say to Canadians," making fun of our neighbours south of the border.

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