01/29/2012 06:21 EST | Updated 03/30/2012 05:12 EDT

South Sudan says they won't restart oil production until Sudan agrees to demands over oil deal

South Sudan's minister of petroleum and mining says the nation will not restart oil production unless Sudan accepts a list of demands.

Stephen Dhieu Dau said Sunday that South Sudan was "committed to negotiations" but that Khartoum would have to accept their offer of paying $1 per barrel for using Sudan's pipelines for export and $2.4 billion dollar financial assistance package before South Sudan turns on production again.

He also says Sudan must withdraw troops from the disputed border region of Abyei and stop funding rebel groups in South Sudan. He says South Sudan wants an international treaty guaranteed by "international superpowers" to guarantee the agreement.

South Sudan shut down oil production Saturday after it accused Sudan of stealing hundreds of millions of dollars worth of oil.