01/30/2012 06:28 EST

Healthy Popcorn Recipes: How To Make Healthy Kernels

Popcorn has long been touted as the ideal "diet" snack -- something that fills you up without being too full of calories. The problem is, it turns out that microwave popcorn (the kind that most people opt for) may not actually be all that healthy.

Between potential negative interactions with childhood vaccines and chemicals in the bags' lining, now seems like a good time to learn how to make your own popcorn and control what goes inside.

The video above showcases one method, using a good old-fashioned pot and some grapeseed oil, along with seasonings that err on the good-for-you side of things. Wellness expert Annick Robinson suggests two enticing flavour choices: salt and vinegar, and a "faux vegan Parmesan Cajun spice." Already sound better than plain old butter? We thought so too.

Another option beyond the stovetop is a hot air corn popper, which uses the same principle of simply heating the kernels, but without any of the oil. You can find them at kitchen supply stores, or well-stocked department stores.

So when it comes time for snacks during Super Bowl this weekend, take that extra step beyond hitting the "popcorn" button on the microwave and try out one of these new methods. Think of it this way -- you can eat that many more handfuls without any guilt at all.

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