01/30/2012 05:05 EST | Updated 01/31/2012 09:49 EST

Jason Elia 'Dumped' After Cancer News: Ex Wants Super Bowl Tickets

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UPDATE: In a recent article by The Daily Mail, Elia's reported ex girlfriend, Sokhon Sen, denies this ever happened. She says the two were never together and there were no Super Bowl tickets in question. She also claims Elia made up the story for attention on Twitter.

Jason Elia, a TV writer from Nashville, claims he was dumped by his girlfriend when she found out he had cancer, according to an interview on ESPN 97.5 radio in Houston. But even worse, his ex is now laying claim to his tickets for the upcoming Super Bowl XLVI game. From the recording of the show:

Elia: "Well, I had an ex-girlfriend who I could really call some curse words but I think they're on that list that I can't say. I bought them for her, and she broke up with me because she found out I had cancer, so..."

Host: "Wait, wait, you're burying the lead. She broke up with you why?"

Elia: "Because I have cancer. She said it was too much stress for her to handle to have a boyfriend with a chronic disease."

Elia, who was recently diagnosed with bladder cancer, says his prognosis for recovery is 87 per cent positive, according to NBC Sports. His girlfriend now claims to be the rightful owner of the tickets because he had originally bought them for her.

What's a man to do? Take your problems to Twitter, of course. Elia held an online contest, promising to give his tickets to the person who can get him the most followers (he's up to 13,000 as of Monday).

At the time of the radio interview, Elia said the leader was a webcam model from Las Vegas who had gathered 250 Twitter followers for him by offering free Skype shows.

Elia and his ex dated for five months and he was planning to purpose to her, he told the radio show. He also joked about giving away the ring and credit to Kay Jewelers online.

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