02/01/2012 05:09 EST | Updated 02/02/2012 02:58 EST

Global Clothing Bans: Uggs Get The Boot In Pennsylvania (PHOTOS)

Bauer Griffin

First it was dodgeball. Then technological devices. Now, students in Pottsdam Middle School in Pennsylvania are being told to leave their Uggs -- or "outdoor, open-top" boots -- at home.

This controversial decision was introduced by school officials as a way to ban students from using cellphones -- prohibited by school policy -- which they would smuggle into class in their boots.

While officials are confident this new rule will help deter students from checking Facebook in between multiplication problems, parents seem to think otherwise.

"When the school starts paying to raise and clothe my children then maybe... maybe they can have a say in dictating my child’s wardrobe," Julie Lyn Miller-Gallisdorfer posted on Facebook.

Students are no stranger to wardrobe bans. Over the years, miniskirts have been banned from many high schools and, most recently, a Mormon university in the U.S. banned, and then un-banned, the wearing of skinny jeans to class.

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