02/03/2012 10:50 EST

Super Bowl Weekend And Kids: How To Keep Kids Busy


When you think Super Bowl, you might picture men in jerseys huddled up on the couch, with beer and chicken wings in hand. But these days, friends, relatives and kids are all fighting for a spot in the comfy seat.

If your kids love football, then this weekend should be a breeze. But if they have no interest in the game (or you're just tired of explaining Roman numerals), there are ways to get the little ones involved.

"If you invite kids to a Super Bowl party, make sure other kids are coming too," advises Toronto stylist and event planner Lu Curran of Style By Lu. "Kids love to play with other kids and this will take the pressure off the host to occupy and entertain them."

Curran says on top of planning a Super Bowl party, make sure you have recipes and activities in mind for everyone in the house that night.

"Kids just like having something to do. It doesn't have to be fancy, but something to take up a bit of their time and not get them in trouble."

Here are some activities Curran suggests for the weekend. Parents, divide yourselves up into shifts, this way everyone can still watch the game.

Activities For Kids During Super Bowl