02/07/2012 03:33 EST | Updated 02/07/2012 03:35 EST

BlackBerry Durability: RIM Tests Its Smartphone's Resistance In New Video Series

If you’ve ever wondered what your BlackBerry can handle before it stops working altogether, Research In Motion has the answers. The Waterloo-based company has released a series of videos illustrating its smartphone’s durability.

One of the tests (above) features a BlackBerry Curve being dropped into a bucket of water. After it’s dropped, a RIM technician shows viewers that the phone’s main functions– including the keys, audio and the camera – are still working.

Another video (below) features a BlackBerry being dropped in slow motion (which adds dramatic effect). It’s another example of RIM showcasing the durability if the company’s smartphone.

“You can see how the shock is absorbed through the body of the phone, which remains operational,” reads part of the video’s description.

So now you know that BlackBerrys can withstand being dropped in water – or being dropped period. We don’t recommend trying this at home, though.

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