02/06/2012 02:09 EST

How To Organize Your Wallet: What Stays In And What Goes Out

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Ever experience that awkward moment at the cash register when you can't seem to find where your debit, credit card or gift card is stashed? We all know what it feels like when your wallet becomes an oasis for your receipts, children's graduation photos and business cards from your last job, so we talked to professional organizer Laura Kay of Laura Kay Organizing in Toronto, on what to keep in your wallet and what to ditch.

"People tend to carry way too much stuff in their wallets, handing their entire lives over to identity thieves. Pare down to just the essentials to protect your finances and identity, and lighten the load on your backside or shoulder."

"Remember, keep photocopies of the fronts and backs of all your cards at home. Also, never close your accounts if your cards are stolen -- ask for your account number to be changed. Closing an account can damage your credit, and you may lose previous reward points, interest rates or credit limits."

Here are Kay's verdicts on what to keep in your wallet and what to leave at home.

How To Organize Your Wallet

Now that your wallet probably feels a bit lighter, you can save some of that cash to find a new one.

"The shape and and size of a wallet is very much a personal decision. For a woman, the size often depends on her handbag. Using a wallet that is brightly coloured or patterned can be easily and quickly seen when opening up a cluttered handbag. For Men, fewer folds usually means less bulk."


Who says you can't mix duct tape and fashion? Well maybe some people, but in the meantime, check out this DIY wallet project.