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Rob Ford Weight: Toronto Mayor Loses Another 4 Pounds In Third Week Of Cut The Waist Challenge


Toronto Mayor Rob Ford didn't let major union negotiations, a revolt from the city's transit chair or Super Bowl snacks derail his weight loss plan this week.

The mayor of Canada's largest city stepped on the scales again Monday morning and found he had lost another 4 pounds, for a total of 20 pounds since starting the Cut The Waist Challenge three weeks ago. Rob now weighs 310 pounds.


His brother, Councillor Doug Ford, didn't do quite so well. Doug lost around half a pound to weigh in at just over 259 pounds, according to CP24.

Toronto's mayor had expressed fears the big game would upset his progress, but it seems as if he overcame the challenge.


Toronto's two political heavyweights have a good reason for going on a diet. "Rob has two young kids and I have four girls. We want to be around to watch them get married and be grandparents. If you're carrying this extra weight...it's not healthy. And we know that," said Doug.

Macleans has reported on the mayor's penchant for root beer and Doug has indicated ice cream will be a particular challenge for his brother.

Ford has faced plenty of ridicule in the press for his waistline. In March of last year, NOW Magazine caused an uproar when it printed a photoshopped photo on its cover prominently featuring the mayor's naked belly.

Even the Globe ran a piece with the headline "Rob Ford’s not popular despite being fat. He’s popular because of it," although the piece was subsequently pulled from the web after widespread criticism.

HuffPost Canada blogger Ben Johnson has argued Ford's weight is a valid political issue, both because the mayor may face serious health problems while in office and because it indicates an irresponsible and short-sighted attitude.

Former mayor David Miller made headlines by dropping approximately 50 pounds while in office. If Ford can match that accomplishment he'll be well on his way to putting the gravy train jokes behind him once and for all.

He'll have his brother to lend him encouragement along the way. Doug told the Globe he's also aiming to also lose 50 to 60 pounds and recapture the fitness of his younger days, when he worked out regularly and could bench press 350 pounds.

The mayor says eventually he would like to make it down to 225 pounds.

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