How To Break Up With Someone: Dump Your Significant Jerk This Week

You know what they say: practice makes perfect.

On this week's How To, in honour of the holiday of tough love -- you know, Dump Your Significant Jerk Week -- we have your solution on how to break up with your not-so loved one nicely.

At least 76 per cent of women contemplate dumping a guy after four months of dating, according to this week's Howcast video. So if you and your partner hooked up in the fall, now can be the time when the cons start outweighing the pros in your relationship.

To prep yourself for a breakup, grab a mirror to practice what you're going to say. This way, you can hopefully avoid slip-ups, but even more importantly, build your confidence -- especially if you're dealing with an over-confident jerk.

And since honesty is the key to a good relationship, you'll also want to depend on it for a smooth ending. The video above has a four-step system on what to keep in mind, and why dumping someone over Facebook, Twitter, text or email is a no-no in Dumpsville.

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