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Larry Miller, Conservative MP, Compares Liberal Support For Long-Gun Registry To Hitler's Policies (VIDEO)

UPDATE: Conservative MP Larry Miller retracted his comments comparing Liberal support for the Gun Registry to the policies of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis after Question Period Tuesday.

Miller called the references "inappropriate."

His retraction, however, did not satisfy interim Liberal leader Bob Rae or MP Justin Trudeau.

“Anybody who raises the name of Adolf Hitler in a debate always loses … It’s a ludicrous, ridiculous, cheap, horrible comparison,” said Rae after Question Period, according to The Globe and Mail.

Trudeau tweeted that Miller's apology was "weak and insincere" and made it sound like he was apologizing to Hitler.

As the Tories make the final push to scrap the federal long-gun registry, one Tory MP has compared Liberal support for the database to the policies of Adolf Hitler.

Conservative MP Larry Miller (Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound) made the comparison in the House of Commons on Tuesday.

Miller first drew on former Liberal Senator Sharon Carstairs statement that “the registering of hunting rifles is the first step in the social re-engineering of Canadians,” to link Liberal policy to Nazi social engineering. “Mr speaker, that is what Adolf Hitler tried to do in the 1930s,” Miller said.

“The long-gun registry is at its core solely about an idea that the Liberals of the 90s had that guns are inherently evil and must be taken out of the hands of the general population," he continued. "Again, who does that sound like?”

Miller then went on to liken former Liberal justice minister Alan Rock to Hitler for stating that guns should be given only to police officers and soldiers. See the clip for yourself below.

Also on Tuesday, the Tories moved to limit debate on getting rid of the registry. Government House Leader Peter Van Loan has said he wants the bill passed by mid-February.

The government wants to scrap the registry because it says it is a waste of money, ineffective at improving public safety and preventing crimes and it targets law-abiding gun owners instead of criminals. Getting rid of the registry means getting rid of the information in it, the government has said in defending the move to destroy the data. About 7.1 million non-restricted firearms were registered in the database as of September.

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