02/08/2012 06:21 EST | Updated 04/09/2012 05:12 EDT

Calgary Ecstasy Deaths: Joshua Bradly Cook And Elizabeth Thomas Charged With Trafficking Ecstasy


CALGARY - Calgary police charged two teenagers Wednesday with trafficking ecstasy after raiding two homes and vehicles in the city.

They seized 823 grams of powdered ecstasy, including four capsules, along with a collapsible baton, two knives and cash.

Samples of the ecstasy were sent to the crime lab and the chemical PMMA was found in it.

The arrests come the same day as Calgary police confirmed an eighth death in Alberta from PMMA — a 37-year-old man died in January and two others went to hospital and have since been released.

Five people in British Columbia have also died from taking tainted ecstasy over the last six months.

Joshua Bradly Cook, 19, and Elizabeth Thomas, also 19, both of Calgary, are facing a total of 27 charges.

Calgary police issued photos of the pair on Wednesday, saying they hope people will realize some of the ecstasy they may have purchased could be dangerous.