02/09/2012 02:36 EST | Updated 04/10/2012 05:12 EDT

Future Hipsters Talk Social Media (VIDEO)

Toronto social media marketing firm Entrinsic put together a short film for this year's Social Media Week that asks a peculiar question: what would today's social media hipsters sound like in 50 years.

There's even a companion "Future Hipsters" tumblr.

Lets face it, social media isn't an industry that thinks about the past very much. It's about looking forward, about the latest, newest thing and numbers and retweets and shares and likes and repins. But remember kids, social media glory is fleeting. One day you're overjoyed because Ashton Kutcher or Justin Bieber retweeted you and the next thing you know you're old and grey and remembering your social media glory days. Tempus fugit.